Hens' Party Miss to Mrs

Miss to Mrs: Hens’ Party Ideas (2018)

So you’ve been given the honour of organising a hen’s party for your bestie, sister….mother? It’s going to be awesome! But where to begin?

Don’t worry if you got super excited about the idea and then came blank when you started to get the concept together, Go Hens’ Party is here to get you going in the right direction with some popular ideas.

Champagne Breakfast

Hens' Party Champagne

A champagne breakfast is a great option and it’s really flexible, it can be a formal affair or as casual as you like, it’s a perfect way to bring the “Bride Tribe” together before heading out for hens’ day activities or it can be the hen’s party itself.

If you want to ensure everyone, including yourself, can relax and enjoy, check with your favourite local restaurants what options they have available.

If the budget is tight or you fancy yourself a bit of a wiz in the kitchen you might want to host the champagne breakfast yourself. Fruit salad and yoghurt, crepes, french toast or bacon (or chorizo) and eggs are all easy options.

You can’t go wrong with the classic mimosa bar, but don’t forget the non-alcoholic cocktails for those that don’t or can’t drink alcohol.

And lastly, but probably most importantly, remember it’s probably going to be a long day, so go easy on the bubbles!

Treasure Hunt

Hens' Party Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way to get people to know each other, you can run your treasure hunt on the way to the hen’s party venue or you can incorporate it into another activity such as a wine tour.

Split the “Bride Tribe” into teams who don’t necessarily know each other that well and set them to task.

You’ll need to create a list of clues and assign points each clue, the harder the clue the more points it’s worth. To make it interesting ensure that you have more clues than is possible to get in the allotted time. Include some clue that are a little out there just to see how far people will go, but remember you don’t want anyone getting hurt, or arrested!

To make sure things run smoothly figure out your team and get your clue list together well in advance.

Some ideas for clues:

  • A cocktail umbrella – 1 point
  • A coin from a different country – 3 points
  • Wedding anniversary date of five couples you don’t know – 10 points
  • Get a stranger to tell you a joke (video it) – 10 points
  • Get a kiss from a police officer (video it) – 15 points

I’m sure you get the idea…..

When time is up award prizes for each team based on the number of points they achieved.

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to make sure that team members have their phones with them so they can take photos as they go. You may also need to track them down if they get too absorbed in the game.

Wine Tour

Hens' Party Wine Tour

A wine tour is great option for a hens’ party, and with so many craft breweries, cider houses and distilleries popping up all over it now doesn’t have to be a straight wine tour, you can mix and match to fit the “Bride Tribe’s” tastes.

In most areas there are many options available, you can organise the tastings yourself and hire a bus and driver to take you from venue to venue or you can go with a tour provider that organises the entire package for you. Swan Valley Pink Bus Tours in Perth, Western Australia for example provides a number of hens’ party wine tour packages and they organise everything from picking up your group through tastings and lunch to dropping you safely back at the end of the day.

A wine tasting at most wineries will take around 45 minutes and bookings for groups usually need to be made in advance. Some wineries will only take groups, particularly hens’ parties, at certain times so it makes things easy if you organise things through a company like Swan Valley Pink Bus Tours.

Cocktail Bartender

Hens' Party Cocktails

Hens’ parties at home can be a great way to stick within a budget and also make it easy to get everyone together. One way to make your home hen’s party special is with a professional bartender to mix cocktails for the “Bride Tribe”.

With online market places it’s now really easy to find someone highly experienced in making cocktails that’s looking for a side hustle. All you need to do is make a post outlining the job and your expectations and screen the offers as they come in, you’ll get more offers that you expect so don’t accept the first one you receive and definitely check out their review before making decision.

Before you know it you and the girls will be downing colourful cocktails and celebrating the bride.


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